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Wake Up Screaming

Our monthly club night at the Q Club. If you are interested in DJing, contact the WUS officer. (No experience necessary for first slot.)

Pub meets

Weekly on a Thursday, hailed as “rocksoc on tour” — a random pub each time. Committee meetings are held fortnightly just before the pub meets (in the pub, of course). To find out where our next pub meet is, keep an eye on Rocksoc's Facebook group


Once a term. If you are a band looking for a slot then contact the events officer.

Other events

Listings of all rock, metal, and alternative events in Cambridge. If you are organising such an event then contact the webmaster to have it added.

Wake Up Screaming


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Pubmeets are every Thursday during and outside of term.

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Events in the next fortnight

11th June 2016 18:00


at The Portland Arms

RockSoc proudly presents THE VERY FIRST EDITION OF PEERFEST (5£ RockSoc/£6 Public)! Featuring... TRIPPY WICKED AND THE COSMIC CHILDREN OF THE KNIGHT (Stoner, rock, blues, doom, sludge): Returning to Cambridge after a fantastic appearance at Day Of The Tron last year, Trippy Wicked delivers quality heavy experimental sleaze rock and the band received killer reviews from Metal Hammer and Terrorizer amongst others. These guys will blow you away! | OUTRIGHT RESISTANCE (Heavy metal): Influenced by bands such as Lamb of God, Machine Head and Chimaira, Outright Resistance delivers old school heavy metal groove and were grand finalists of Metal 2 The Masses London last year. Get ready to bang your heads as fast as you can! | PETROL BASTARD (Tesco value version of the Prodigy): Our wildest dreams have come true! Petrol Bastard will finally be returning to Cambridge so give their last EP 'U R FUK' a listen, spend your rent money on tentacle porn and join the madness. Guaranteed good times and possible confusion! | GOUT (Drunk edge party gore): Gout is what happens when you mix booze, Hawaiian shirts, confetti and a good dose of brutal sounds! Absolute sick awesomeness! | MALIGNANT GERM INFESTATION (Cheese-based grindcore madness): Yes, you heard well... MGI are back! Exciting times ahead featuring red hot spanking action and heart-warming classics such as Beastiality Reality, Rectal Cheese Stuffer and Angry Toilet. Absolutely nothing could go wrong. | WTVR (Post punk, 8 bit electro-accordion rock): Featuring members of Cambridge favourites Buffo's Wake, WTVR deliver quality psych noise rock and have just released their new EP 'Acid Fight'. Give it a listen, it's excellent stuff!