The Rocksoc committee of 2003–2004

(Elizabeth Watts picture) PRESIDENT: Elizabeth Watts
Yet another former secretary. Schoolteacher by day, metal warrior by night.
(Catherine Durance picture) SECRETARY: Catherine Durance
Mistress of the minutes.
(Katie Samuelson picture) TREASURER / FORGER-IN-CHIEF: Katie Samuelson
Pretty (and) small, KT has by far the longest hair in RockSoc, and can drink a surprisingly large amout. She is doing a PhD in Archaeology and will be very happy to tell you all about bladelets.
(Oli Wade picture) WEBTHING: Oli Wade
Now in his fourth (from the last five) glorious year on the committee, Oli has legendary taste in music, and legendary ability to drink beer. He is currently quite keen on motorbikes too.
(Richard Watts picture) WUS OSSIFER: Richard Watts
Richard likes Led Zeppelin. A lot. And a vast number of other bands too. He even has (had?) his own who have played for RockSoc a number of times.
Also pretty (and) small, Emma is now in her second year as Events Ossifer, and third on the committee. She is still very keen on bats.
TOKEN FOGEY: Peter Rowsell ("Jester")
Still not the oldest member on the committee, Jester is keen to stay involved despite his recent stroke. He is also a representative for APU folk and hair metal fans.