Information about Rocksoc

Rocksoc is Cambridge's rock, metal, and alternative society

Our aim is to bring together people interested in rock, metal and alternative music, and to support the alternative scene in Cambridge. To this end we run a weekly club night: Wake Up Screaming, organise two live gigs per term, and have weekly pub meets to socialise. We may also organise other events such as trips to gigs elsewhere, and we attempt to keep a comprehensive record of all rock, metal, and alternative events happening in Cambridge.

Who can join?

Anyone can join and take advantage of what we offer. We are officially a Cambridge University society, but this has no bearing on our members, if it did we would go independent.

What music do we cover?

Our music tastes evolve with our members, but we try to cater for alternative music not covered elsewhere in Cambridge.

The spectrum of interests in Rocksoc ranges from Grunge to Alternative to Classic Metal to 70s Rock to Death and Black Metal to Hardcore to Punk to Goth to Industrial and takes in a good few others along the way, so the chances are that whatever you like there'll be someone in Rocksoc who agrees with you!

The Committee

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