Keeping up to date with Rocksoc news and events

Want to make sure you don't miss anything alternative? There are several ways to keep up to date.

The Rocksoc mailing list

The sure way to be kept up to date

Automatic subscription

Send an e-mail to: and your e-mail address will automatically be subscribed to the list.

Fill in this form

Even easier, just fill in your e-mail address below.

You will be asked for confirmation before subscription is complete.

Subscribers' e-mail addresses will not be provided to anyone other than the Rocksoc committee and the mailing list admins.


To unsubscribe simply send an e-mail to .


The Rocksoc LJ community

Details of upcoming events are posted. It also provides a way to chat to other members: join the Rocksoc LJ community.

LJ events feed

There is a syndicated events feed which displays the same events as this website: add rocksoc_events to your friends list to be kept up to date.

The RSS feed will alert you to events 24 hours in advance, and give you weekly summaries of upcoming events on Mondays.

Social websites

Facebook group

Details of upcoming events are posted on the Facebook group, along with members' photos of past events.

Twitter feed

Follow camrocksoc on Twitter to get notification of upcoming Rocksoc events and other related events in Cambridge.