Wake Up Screaming

Artist: Alestorm, played 49 times

Track WUS DJ Set info
Sunk'n Norwegian 12th Nov. 2013 21:30-22:30 DJ Mullet Metal Mania
Over the Seas 7th May 2013 22:30-00:00 Anarswan A Shred in the Dark - Songs of Power and Might
You are a Pirate 25th June 2013 22:30-00:00 DJ Ormenos International Metal
Back Through Time 19th Feb. 2013 00:00-01:30 DJ Freeman will gets drunk and plays songs (rock and metal)
Rum 19th Feb. 2013 21:30-22:30 Anarswan At my signal, unleash Ale - Pagan/folk with a chance of Black.
heavy metal pirates 22nd Jan. 2013 22:30-00:00 DJ Freeman Unforeseen Consequences (power/symphonic/melodic metal)
Sunk'n Norwegian 27th Nov. 2012 22:30-00:00 DJ Osmium Winter is Coming (Folk/ Power/ Classic)
That Famous Ol' Spiced 30th Oct. 2012 22:30-00:00 DJ Celtic Rose Folk Favourites, Power On and a Mysterious Miscellany
Wenches and Mead 23rd Oct. 2012 00:00-01:30 DJ CDO Commercial crowd-pleasers
shipwrecked 19th June 2012 22:00-23:00 Trollface Problem? (Whatever I can find on my laptop. Mostly alt.)
Wolves of the Sea 12th June 2012 22:30-00:00 DJ Bekkhild
Captain Morgan's Revenge 24th April 2012 22:30-00:00 Neo around the world
Wenches and Mead 28th Feb. 2012 01:30-03:00 Kepone Classic rock and metal with a few random things thrown
Wolves of the Sea 28th Feb. 2012 00:00-01:30 DJ Bekkhild Dangerously high doses of killer anthems to make you feel better
Wenches and Mead 28th Feb. 2012 22:30-00:00 DJ Payne Commercial rock and metal with a touch of industrial
You Are Pirate 18th Oct. 2011 01:30-03:00 DJ Bekkhild Tunes to stop you from leaving the kambar (power and classic metal)
Wenches and Mead 18th Oct. 2011 00:00-01:30 DJ EVO Metal, just as you like it
That Famous Ol' Spiced 21st June 2011 22:30-00:00 DJ Celtic Rose Folk, power and heavier stuff
Dark Sails at Midnight 14th June 2011 00:00-01:30 Kepone
You are a Pirate 14th June 2011 21:00-22:30 Peaches N. Regalia
Wenches and Mead 5th April 2011 11:30-00:45 The Naked DJ A little bit of everything (except Slayer)
Wenches and Mead 22nd March 2011 22:20-00:00 Kepone Metal/Hard rock with occasional random stuff thrown in
Wolves of the Sea 15th March 2011 01:30-03:00 DJ Ailema Dance!
Wenches and Mead 8th March 2011 01:30-03:00 DJ Shade Classic and NWOBHM → Melodeath and folk
Keelhauled 8th March 2011 22:20-00:00 DJ Bekkhild To jig or to headbang? An assortment of classic, thrash, power and folk
Captain Morgan's Revenge 1st March 2011 21:00-22:30 DJ Basford Power metal: quests, swords and elves
Wolves of the Sea 15th Feb. 2011 00:00-01:30 DJ Ailema Dolly Mixtures- and whatever this is, and all sorts of things
Wolves of the Sea 8th Feb. 2011 01:30-03:00 DJ Bekkhild Wind Machines, Untrimmed Hair and Epic Solos: Power and Classic Metal
Wenches and Mead 25th Jan. 2011 01:30-03:00 The Necrowizard Return of the Necrowizard: melodeath, power and folk
Nancy the Tavern Wench 25th Jan. 2011 21:00-22:30 DJ Celtic Rose Mostly folk and power
Captain Morgan's Revenge 18th Jan. 2011 00:00-01:30 Neo Commercial rock & metal
Captain Morgan's Revenge 23rd Nov. 2010 00:00-01:30 Neo Commercial rock and metal
Wenches and Mead 9th Nov. 2010 01:30-03:00 The Necrowizard Everything except Slayer
Over the Seas 12th Oct. 2010 00:00-01:30 Nev Alternative and commercial rock and metal
Wenches and Mead 14th Sept. 2010 23:30-00:45 The Naked DJ Misc. rock and metal
Wenches and Mead 20th July 2010 01:10-01:55 DJ Shade Another go at folk metal
Death Before The Mast 8th June 2010 22:30-00:00 Rich "a load of melodeath and folk"
Wenches and Mead 22nd June 2010 22:15-23:30 The Necrowizard eclectic mix of progressive and power with some other stuff thrown in
Wenches and Mead 27th April 2010 01:30-03:00 John and Mim the former WUS officer teaches one half of the new WUS Officer how to DJ
That Famous Ol' Spiced 16th Feb. 2010 22:30-00:00 DJ Shade a new DJ playing lots of metal- hurrah!
Captain Morgan's Revenge 3rd March 2009 01:30-03:00 D.JASNaCk Commercial, Folk and Industrial Metal
Nancy the Tavern Wench 20th Jan. 2009 00:00-01:30 The Naked DJ Rock, Metal and Alternative
Set Sail And Conquer 11th Nov. 2008 01:30-03:00 D.JASNaCk Commercial, Folk and Industial Metal
Captain Morgan's Revenge 11th Nov. 2008 01:30-03:00 D.JASNaCk Commercial, Folk and Industial Metal
Weiber und Wein 11th Nov. 2008 00:00-01:30 DJ Ailema Heavy, Danceable Stuff
Wenches and Mead 5th Feb. 2008 21:00-22:15 Gemma J Jig Metal
Huntmaster 5th Feb. 2008 21:00-22:15 Gemma J Jig Metal
Over the Seas 14th Oct. 2008 01:30-03:00 DJ Ailema Fun Rock
Wenches and Mead 19th Feb. 2008 21:00-22:30 Halfdan Folk & Viking Metal