Wake Up Screaming

Artist: Deep Purple, played 35 times

Track WUS DJ Set info
strange kind of woman 11th June 2013 21:30-22:30 DJ Dandelion 60s/70s/80s Rock
Smoke On The Water 26th Feb. 2013 21:30-22:30 DJ Spanner The Usual - Mostly Rock, Some Metal
Space Trucking 23rd April 2013 00:00-01:30 DJ Montezuma
Smoke On The Water 27th Nov. 2012 00:00-01:30 Neo Thrash, Trash and Glitter
Burn 6th Nov. 2012 22:30-00:00 DJ Nephilim Classic Rock/Heavy Metal
Burn 16th Oct. 2012 00:00-01:30 Kepone
Smoke On The Water 13th March 2012 00:00-01:30 DJ Ümläüt The Ultimate Third Set of Ultimate Destiny
Burn 14th June 2011 00:00-01:30 Kepone
Speed King 5th April 2011 22:15-11:30 DJ Dunk From Classic to Prog
Burn 15th March 2011 22:20-00:00 DJ Sheppy Hard Rock
Smoke On The Water 8th Feb. 2011 22:20-00:00 DJ Dunk Classic, Commercial and damn right Random!
Perfect Strangers 31st Aug. 2010 21:00-22:15 Taff WUS Database Omissions
Black Night 6th July 2010 21:00-22:15 DJ Dunk Classic rock.
Space Truckin' 6th July 2010 21:00-22:15 DJ Dunk Classic rock.
Vavoom: Ted the Mechanic 27th April 2010 21:00-22:30 DJ Shade one half of the WUS Officer plays classic and folk metal
Black Night 25th Nov. 2008 01:30-03:00 Taff Classic and Commercial Metal
Hush 6th Feb. 2007 22:30-00:00 Chris Smowton Classic Rock & metal
Smoke On The Water 27th Jan. 2004 22:30-00:30 Zed (totalrock radio) Classic rock/metal
Child In Time 11th Feb. 2003 22:15-23:30 Mike Marshall Rock/metal/alternative
Highway Star 19th Nov. 2002 00:45-02:00 Neil Gregory Classic rock
Fireball 16th Nov. 2004 00:45-02:00 Naranek Classic metal
Highway Star 7th May 2002 22:15-23:30 Bonzo Classic/power metal
Highway Star 19th Nov. 2002 21:00-22:15 Tristan Mills Rock'n'Roll
Highway Star 21st Sept. 2004 21:00-22:00 Bonzo Classic Metal
Smoke On The Water 17th Dec. 2002 21:00-22:15 Bonzo Classic rock/metal
Burn 25th March 2003 21:00-22:15 Bonzo Classic rock/NWOBHM
Smoke On The Water 1st June 2004 21:00-22:00 Beth Charlesworth Classic Rock
Woman From Tokyo 24th Aug. 2004 22:00-23:30 DJ Amarantha Classic rock/metal
Highway Star 29th June 2004 21:00-22:00 DJ Amarantha Classic metal
Black Night 24th Feb. 2004 22:00-23:00 Martin Read Goth/classic rock
Black Night 8th March 2005 22:15-23:30 Karol Zemek Classic rock/metal
The Unwritten Law 27th July 2004 22:00-23:30 Kit Rathenar Classic rock/metal
Black Night 6th April 2004 22:00-23:00 Kit Rathenar Classic and melodic metal
Black Night 3rd June 2003 00:45-02:00 Erik Punk/metal
Highway Star 22nd April 2003 22:15-23:30 Neil Ogden <a href="http://indiesoc.kcsu.org.uk">Indiesoc president</a>, playing commercial rock