Wake Up Screaming

Artist: Green Day, played 32 times

Track WUS DJ Set info
Basketcase 29th Oct. 2013 00:00-03:00 DJ CDO The 3-hour commercial marathon Part 2!
Basketcase 25th June 2013 01:30-03:00 DJ CDO
Basket Case 26th Feb. 2013 22:30-00:00 Cat nu-metal/punk/90s rock.. nostalgia party
Basketcase 2nd Oct. 2012 00:00-01:30 DJ CDO
Basket Case 15th March 2011 00:00-01:30 DJ Satan ROK: Rock Out @ Kambar (Commercial Rock and Industrial)
Burn Out 15th Feb. 2011 00:00-01:30 DJ Ailema Dolly Mixtures- and whatever this is, and all sorts of things
Basketcase 6th July 2010 23:30-01:30 DJ CDO Commercial rock and metal. Extended by popular demand.
Basketcase 8th June 2010 00:00-03:00 DJ CDO The 3-hour commercial marathon!
Basketcase 14th April 2009 23:30-00:45 DJ CDO Guilty Favourites and Classics
American Idiot 31st March 2009 23:30-00:45 DJ CDO Commercial metal and "Guilty classics"
Basket Case 3rd March 2009 00:00-01:30 No Relation Anything and everything
Basket Case 20th Jan. 2009 01:30-03:00 Taff Classic and Commercial Metal
Ha Ha You're Dead 5th Aug. 2008 22:15-23:30 Ian Gower Bouncy Metal
Minority 24th June 2008 21:00-22:15 Oli Wade Classic and Power Metal
Basketcase 1st April 2008 23:30-00:45 DJ CDO "Recent" Releases & Commercial "Classics"
Basketcase 18th March 2008 00:00-01:30 DJ CDO "Recent" Releases & Commercial "Classics"
American Idiot 13th Nov. 2007 01:30-03:00 Christine Commercial & Melodic Metal
Basketcase 20th March 2007 00:00-01:30 DJ CDO Commercial Rock & Metal
American Idiot 11th July 2006 22:15-23:30 Simon McVittie Alt Rock & Melodic Metal
Welcome To Paradise 14th June 2005 23:30-00:45 Karol Zemek Rock and metal
Basket Case 7th Feb. 2006 21:00-22:15 Beth Charlesworth Classic rock
Church On Sunday 17th Dec. 2002 00:45-02:00 Oli Wade Power metal
Longview 27th Aug. 2002 23:30-00:45 Chris Shortall Metal
Church On Sunday 2nd Dec. 2003 00:30-02:00 Oli Wade Classic/power metal
Basket Case 21st Feb. 2006 23:30-00:45 Harry Mackridge Metal and hardcore
Welcome To Paradise 16th Dec. 2003 23:00-00:00 Deano Commercial rock'/metal
Basket Case 11th Feb. 2003 23:30-00:45 Taff Commercial rock/metal
St Jimmy 29th Nov. 2005 00:45-02:00 Oliver Twisted Fuck alone knows
Basket Case 25th Jan. 2005 22:15-23:30 Naranek Classic and Commercial rock
Basket Case 7th Oct. 2003 23:00-00:00 Taff Commercial and classic rock
Basket Case 8th Feb. 2005 23:30-00:45 Raggedyman Commercial rock/metal
Longview 18th Nov. 2003 23:00-00:00 Chris Shortall Commercial rock and punk