Wake Up Screaming

Artist: Iced Earth, played 20 times

Track WUS DJ Set info
ten thousand strong 11th June 2013 00:00-01:30 PAL
Crown of the Fallen 27th Nov. 2012 22:30-00:00 DJ Osmium Winter is Coming (Folk/ Power/ Classic)
Highway To Hell 15th Feb. 2011 22:20-00:00 Neo I'm not playing it if it's not a cover
Hollow Man 1st Feb. 2011 22:20-00:00 Naranek Effeminate Germans with an Eagle fixation / Power Metal and NWOBHM
Burning Times 28th Sept. 2010 22:15-23:30 DJ Nephilim Classic rock and metal
Burning Times 14th Sept. 2010 22:15-23:30 Naranek Heavy Metal
Stand Alone 5th Nov. 2002 00:45-02:00 Naranek punk/metal
Wolf 20th Jan. 2009 22:30-00:00 Jen Power metal
My Own Savior 30th Sept. 2008 21:00-22:15 Oli Wade Power metal
Highway To Hell 22nd July 2008 00:45-02:00 The Naked DJ Industrial/Commercial Metal
Blessed Are You 23rd Jan. 2007 22:30-00:00 Naranek Power Metal
My Only Saviour 11th July 2006 21:00-22:15 Dan O'Huiginn Idealistic Metal
Burning Times 21st Feb. 2006 22:15-23:30 Naranek Classic rock and metal
When The Eagle Cries 13th July 2004 22:00-00:30 Zed (totalrock radio) Classic/power/commercial metal
The Reckoning 30th Nov. 2004 00:45-02:00 Naranek Classic/commercial rock and metal
Blessed Are You 27th July 2004 22:00-23:30 Kit Rathenar Classic rock/metal
Red Baron/Blue Max 7th Sept. 2004 22:00-23:30 Naranek Classic and Power Metal
Disciples Of The Lie 17th Dec. 2002 21:00-22:15 Bonzo Classic rock/metal
When The Eagle Cries 9th March 2004 21:00-23:00 Jason Hill Commercial and classic rock
Colors 27th Aug. 2002 21:00-22:15 Bonzo Classic metal