Wake Up Screaming

Artist: Mötley Crüe, played 32 times

Track WUS DJ Set info
Girls Girls Girls 18th June 2013 00:00-01:30 Dinner Jacket
Dr Feelgood 7th May 2013 00:00-01:30 Kepone Classic Rock & Metal (with a smidge of prog)
Girls Girls Girls 29th Jan. 2013 21:30-22:30 Peaches N. Regalia Ad Hoc Rock Soc - Welcoming Spectrum
Girls Girls Girls 16th Oct. 2012 00:00-01:30 Kepone
Girls Girls Girls 24th April 2012 00:00-01:30 Kepone Classic Hard Rock and Metal
Dr Feelgood 27th March 2012 01:30-03:00 Dinner Jacket Rocking the Night Away, metal/rock/requests
Girls Girls Girls 28th Feb. 2012 01:30-03:00 Kepone Classic rock and metal with a few random things thrown
Dr Feelgood 28th June 2011 23:30-00:45 Kepone Commercial rock and metal.
Girls Girls Girls 14th June 2011 00:00-01:30 Kepone
Sick Love Song 15th March 2011 01:30-03:00 DJ Ailema Dance!
Girls Girls Girls 15th Feb. 2011 01:30-03:00 Dinner Jacket I wanna feel you rock against me... ;D
Smokin' in the Boys Room 15th Feb. 2011 22:20-00:00 Neo I'm not playing it if it's not a cover
Girls Girls Girls 8th Feb. 2011 00:00-01:30 DJ EVO A Heavy Metal Cocktail
Dr Feelgood 12th Oct. 2010 22:20-00:00 Naranek Power metal, hair metal and thrash
Girls Girls Girls 31st March 2009 22:15-23:30 Taff 'Download / Sonisphere 2009'
Sick Love Song 14th Oct. 2008 01:30-03:00 DJ Ailema Fun Rock
Girls Girls Girls 16th Oct. 2007 01:30-03:00 Nev Rock/Metal
Looks that Kill 22nd Aug. 2006 00:45-02:00 Mikki Scorpion Hair Metal
Anarchy In The UK 11th July 2006 21:00-22:15 Dan O'Huiginn Idealistic Metal
Dr Feelgood 13th July 2004 22:00-00:30 Zed (totalrock radio) Classic/power/commercial metal
Girls,Girls,Girls 16th Nov. 2004 22:15-23:30 Nick Bird classic/commercial metal
Wild Side 27th Jan. 2004 22:30-00:30 Zed (totalrock radio) Classic rock/metal
Dr Feelgood 3rd Dec. 2002 00:45-02:00 Gaz Jones
Girls Girls Girls 28th June 2005 23:30-00:45 DJ Amarantha Retro commercial metal
Girls Girls Girls 18th Oct. 2005 23:30-00:45 Taff Commercial Rock
Kickstart My Heart 31st July 2002 22:15-23:30 Marc Larbey Classic metal
Dr Feelgood 4th Nov. 2003 22:30-00:30 Zed (totalrock radio) Classic and some commerciall rock
Shout At The Devil 6th April 2004 00:00-01:00 Ben Joyce Punk/Metal
Wild Side 1st June 2004 22:00-23:30 Kit Rathenar Classic/power metal
Live Wire 1st July 2003 22:15-23:30 Marc Larbey Classic heavy metal
Red Hot 1st Nov. 2005 00:45-02:00 Mikki Scorpion Hair Metal
Same ol' Situation 12th Aug. 2003 00:00-01:00 Jazz (Right Turn Clyde) (guest DJ)