Wake Up Screaming

WUS set

Tracks played

1. Sympathy For The Devil Guns N' Roses [Interview With The Vampire OST]
2. Quake Theme Nine Inch Nails [Quake 1 OST]
3. Audio Adrenaline Sonic Mayhem [Quake 3 Arena OST]
4. Theme From Jets 'n' Guns Machinae Supremacy [Jets 'n' Guns OST]
5. Still More Fighting Nobuo Uematsu [Final Fantasy VII: Advent Children OST]
6. Burn The Earth Dethklok [Metalocalypse OST]
7. Hero Will Drown Story Of The Year [Need For Speed OST]
8. To Hell we Ride Lostprophets [Need For Speed OST]
9. Take A Look Around Limp Bizkit [Mission Impossible OST]
10. Tainted Love Marilyn Manson [Not Another Teen Movie OST]
11. No Cigar Millencolin [Tony Hawks 2 OST]
12. Not Falling Mudvayne [Ghost Ship OST]
13. Ichirin No Hana High And Mighty Colour [Bleach OST]
14. Haruka Kanata Asian Kung-fu Generation [Naruto OST]
15. Worlds Collide Jon Powerman 5000 [Tony Hawks 2 OST]
16. Wake Up Rage Against the Machine [The Matrix OST]
17. Feur Frei! Rammstein [xXx OST]
18. Superbeast Rob Zombie [End Of Days OST]
19. 96 Quite Bitter Beings CKY [CKY OST]
20. Beer Reel Big Fish [BASEketball OST]
21. Tall Cans In The Air The Transplants [Bulletproof Monk OST]
22. Before I'm Dead Kidney Thieves [Queen Of The Damned OST]