Wake Up Screaming

WUS set

Tracks played

1. Itse Ajattara [Äpäre]
2. Roots Borknagar [Urd]
3. Aneuthanasia Gorgoroth [Quantos Possunt Ad Satanitatem Trahunt]
4. Solarfall Immortal [At the Heart of Winter]
5. The Sepentine Offering Dimmu Borgir (R) [In Sorte Diaboli]
6. Solar Empire Hypocrisy [A Taste of Extreme Divinity]
7. Blackwater Park Opeth [Blackwater Park]
8. Gypsy Emperor [In the Nightside Eclipse]
9. Demigod Behemoth [Demigod]
10. The Harrowing Years Insomnium [Across the Dark]
11. Everyone is Dead to Me Party Cannon (R) [Slam Jeram Demo]
12. Thredony Hate [Morphosis]
13. Die Alone A Pale Horse Named Death (R) [And Hell Will Follow Me]

No set list information available for this set.