Wake Up Screaming

Track: Just A Day, played 5 times

Artist WUS DJ Set info
Feeder 26th Feb. 2013 22:30-00:00 Cat nu-metal/punk/90s rock.. nostalgia party
Feeder 20th Jan. 2009 01:30-03:00 Taff Classic and Commercial Metal
Feeder 20th Feb. 2007 01:30-03:00 Harry Mackridge and Theodora Melnik Punk, Hardcore and Nu Metal
Feeder 23rd Jan. 2007 01:30-03:00 Simon McVittie and Nick Jackson Alt Rock, Mainstream Metal & "It Seemed Like A Good Idea At The Time"
Feeder 18th Oct. 2005 23:30-00:45 Taff Commercial Rock