Wake Up Screaming

Artist: Wintersun, played 18 times

Track WUS DJ Set info
death and the healing 7th May 2013 22:30-00:00 Anarswan A Shred in the Dark - Songs of Power and Might
land of snow and sorrow 15th Jan. 2013 00:00-01:30 Dinner Jacket Best of 2012! - rock, metal and alt music from 2012
Beyond The Dark Sun 30th Oct. 2012 22:30-00:00 DJ Celtic Rose Folk Favourites, Power On and a Mysterious Miscellany
Beyond The Dark Sun 21st June 2011 22:30-00:00 DJ Celtic Rose Folk, power and heavier stuff
Beyond The Dark Sun 14th June 2011 22:30-00:00 Nuchtos
Beyond The Dark Sun 22nd March 2011 00:00-01:30 DJ Nephilim The Unusual Suspects
Beyond The Dark Sun 1st March 2011 01:30-03:00 DJ Nephilim Living After Midnight
Sleeping Stars 25th Jan. 2011 21:00-22:30 DJ Celtic Rose Mostly folk and power
Beautiful Death 9th Nov. 2010 01:30-03:00 The Necrowizard Everything except Slayer
Beyond The Dark Sun 8th June 2010 22:30-00:00 Rich "a load of melodeath and folk"
Beautiful Death 22nd June 2010 22:15-23:30 The Necrowizard eclectic mix of progressive and power with some other stuff thrown in
Starchild 21st July 2009 21:00-22:15 Rich Obscure folk metal
Beyond The Dark Sun 15th May 2007 21:00-22:30 Halfdan Viking Metal
Starchild 19th Feb. 2008 21:00-22:30 Halfdan Folk & Viking Metal
Winter Madness 10th July 2007 21:00-22:15 Gemma J Power, Viking & Extreme Metal
Winter Madness 19th April 2005 21:00-22:15 Jimmer Beardy Metal
Beyond The Dark Sun 5th Feb. 2008 22:15-23:30 Nuchtos Heavy & Thrash Metal
Beyond The Dark Sun 20th March 2007 22:30-00:00 Halfdan Viking and Power Metal