The Rocksoc committee of 2002–2003

(Baz Jones picture) PRESIDENT / GOD-EMPEROR: Baz Jones
Our glorious leader; dedicated black metal fan and PhD student. He is not against spandex per se.
(Elizabeth Watts picture) SECRETARY: Elizabeth Watts
Mistress of the minutes. Schoolteacher by day, metal warrior by night. Elizabeth makes sure things get done properly and never mispells anything.
(Oliver-Michael Longden picture) TREASURER / FORGER-IN-CHIEF: Oliver-Michael Longden
A red haired Yorkshireman who hates everything and everybody. Often seen supping ale, roleplaying or dancing like a maniac.
(Oli Wade picture) WEBTHING: Oli Wade
Not to be confused with Oliver. Also from Yorkshire and partial to a pint (or sometimes two). A power metal fan with gothic tendancies.
(Ben Joyce picture) WUS OSSIFER: Ben Joyce
Ben has a band, but not much hair. Apparently he used to have a bit more and look like someone from Hanson. Speak to him if you want to DJ at Wake Up Screaming.
Pretty (and) small, Emma likes bats. She was Treasurer last year and is now our new and very shiny Events Ossifer.
(Peter Rowsell ("Jester") picture) TOKEN FOGEY: Peter Rowsell ("Jester")
Almost the oldest member on the committee. Also a representative for APU folk and hair metal fans.