The Rocksoc committee of 2004–2005

(Richard Watts picture) PRESIDENT: Richard Watts
Old enough to know better, Richard has gratuated from running WUS to the lofty position of "Da Boss". He plays lead guitar for Fire & Forget, and also likes fast women and lose cars.
(Elise Connolly picture) SECRETARY: Elise Connolly
Formerly recognisable by her two-tone hair, Elise is mad enough to be secretary for a second time. She is rumoured to wander the streets after dark, rattling her chains and never sleeping...
(Baz Jones picture) TREASURER / LORD OF THE MINION: Baz Jones
Baz likes bacteria and black metal. He is a veteran of several committees past, and can often be seen propping up the bar, holding a pint of something black and filthy.
(Oli Wade picture) WEBTHING: Oli Wade
Oli is now running out of fingers to count the number of times he's been on the committee. He likes riding motorbikes and pretty girls. And power metal.
Keith is an Irish biochemist. He brings fresh blood to the committee, and is dedicated enough to have two jobs. He even turned up to half of the committee meetings last year.
WUS MINION 1: Suzy Umm
To follow...
(Oliver-Michael Longden picture) WUS MINION 2: Oliver-Michael Longden
Oliver likes cheese. Or was that booze.
(Siobhan Gibson picture) WUS MINION 3: Siobhan Gibson
Siobhan is studying hard for a career in knob-twiddling.
(Graham 'Briggsy' Briggs picture) WUS MINION 4: Graham 'Briggsy' Briggs
Graham has ginger hair and big stompy boots.
(Myk Umm picture) WUS MINION 5: Myk Umm
Myk is often seen behind the bar at The Alma.