The Rocksoc committee of 2005–2006

(Oliver-Michael Longden picture) President: Oliver-Michael Longden
Well, the committee had to include someone with short hair.
WUS officer: Oliver-Michael Longden
(Helen Lambert picture) Treasurer: Helen Lambert
Helen has promised not to embezzle an unreasonable amount of money.
(Emily Qin and Fiona Morgan picture) Secretary: Emily Qin and Fiona Morgan
They promise to get membership cards done quicker than ever before, with many colours of shiny ink. Fiona is the only committee member small enough to be smuggled into gigs in someone's bag.
(Simon McVittie picture) Webthing 1: Simon McVittie
Simon has been accused of looking like a 70s rock star and believes in web standards.
(Thomas Parfrey picture) Webthing2: Thomas Parfrey
Thomas can't stand websites that aren't updated and believes in Cthulhu.<br/> Between the two webthings, they might manage to keep this website in order.
(Keith Boyle picture) Events officer: Keith Boyle
The Irish biochemist behind various successful Rocksoc gigs, Keith returns for another glorious year of rock music and sustained potato abuse.