Wake Up Screaming

Track: Lavatory Love Machine, played 8 times

Artist WUS DJ Set info
Edguy 11th June 2013 00:00-01:30 PAL
Edguy 18th Oct. 2011 01:30-03:00 DJ Bekkhild Tunes to stop you from leaving the kambar (power and classic metal)
Edguy 18th Oct. 2011 21:00-22:30 The Masked DJ Playing whatever he likes
Edguy 22nd Feb. 2011 22:20-00:00 Robbie Metal classics
Edguy 1st Feb. 2011 22:20-00:00 Naranek Effeminate Germans with an Eagle fixation / Power Metal and NWOBHM
Edguy 25th Jan. 2011 01:30-03:00 The Necrowizard Return of the Necrowizard: melodeath, power and folk
Edguy 23rd Nov. 2010 00:00-01:30 Neo Commercial rock and metal
Edguy 3rd March 2009 01:30-03:00 D.JASNaCk Commercial, Folk and Industrial Metal